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Versatile Psalmist 21.0

O Lord, my God, you gave to me the victory

I was a lost sinner and You came to rescue me,

I had come to the end of my self-dependence,

I was living out a life of sin and self-indulgence.

I had chased after the wiles of the secular world

Leaving my stores depleted and my soul knurled,

The days flew by and the seasons soon departed

When the money was gone with the coldhearted.

In my tragedy and quagmire, I called on Your name

In a still and small voice, You faithfully to me came,

By faith and my repentance, a new life was found

Where truth and the fruits of the Spirit did abound.

I now daily read Your word and look in its holy mirror

How we need You as a Savior has never been clearer,

Renewing our carnal minds and healing our tiny hearts

Putting on Your full armor while quenching the darts.

We can dutifully lead a quiet life of service to others

Until we meet You one day, face to face, and discover,

That You did not lead us from afar, but dwell within

Having become our lamppost, our King and our kin!

Author’s notes: This poem was inspired by Psalm 21 and I hope that you are highly blessed in its reading. Although many of the themes carry a similar message, they are absolutely worth repeating!

Written by Gary Cox 6/25/2019. To God be the glory!

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