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Versatile Psalmist 20.0

There have been days of toil and troubled that went on and on

A cold bed of suffering, shame and sin I have spent time upon,

I was endlessly lost in a tunnel of regret, confusion and chaos

All that I hoped to build was destroyed and I counted the cost.

But the seasons of our lives change even as the rush of the tide

There will be times of bliss and refreshing even after we cried,

Hold on tightly to hope and in the soulful scope of optimism

Your decisions are like a kaleidoscope turning away pessimism.

You are growing your faith and will learn from your mistakes

By the company you keep, did you cause your own quakes?

Sometimes in this life, the solutions could not be any clearer

Than making changes within and love the man in the mirror.

For some of us, this will be a battle fought over the senses

Denying our flesh, being vigilant, shoring up our defenses,

For others, it will be a battle over the money that we earn

Will we invest it wisely or within your pocket, does it burn?

For some, the battle will be fought in learning how to forgive

As a child, your innocence was stolen and yet you still live,

For some, there will be a daily pain of a body that is still failing

Will we overcome with a smile or instead be always complaining?

I encourage you daily to call upon the power the Holy Spirit

Whose eternal power to help us bear this life has no limit,

I hope to see you someday and share with me the victory

Giving glory to our Creator and our days spent in His story.

Author’s note: This poem was inspired by Psalm 20

Written by Gary Cox 6/15/2019

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