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Versatile Psalmist 19.0

Have you ever gazed at the heavens and marveled at the story?

Have you ever considered the Creator and given to Him the glory?

Even Michelangelo in his finest foray of craftsmanship and fine art

Never created a masterpiece that transforms the soul and the heart.

The bright sun sometimes peeks out like a child from her bedroom

Casting shadows among the clouds and dispensing all of the gloom,

Has anyone among us created anything as magnificent as the sea?

A pool of shimmering scales that we have called the Sea Of Galilee.

Have we ever conjured up an Alaska eve and the northern lights?

Or the polar bears that hunt seals among the cold, arctic nights?

Do you consider the plumage of the bird that we call the peacock?

Are the colors chosen as an adaptation or from the palette stock?

Have you created laws to keep everything exactly as it should be?

Did you contemplate the changing of the seasons or the gravity?

Whoever imagined that one day a caterpillar would freely fly?

Emerging from its cocoon, a living kite that dances into the sky.

Of sowing and reaping, there are harvests that happen everywhere

Was the bounty of graces created to hoard, or it better to share?

The foolish believe themselves to be masters of this created ball

When we at best are the gardeners and in the grand scheme, small.

Who among us has ever created frozen origami like a flake of snow?

That is white and pure like the hearts of the children that will follow,

A ripe blackberry patch in the middle of the hot, humid summer sun

Yields a treat that is quite sweet and when picked, delights everyone.

Have we ever transformed a waterway like the beavers strong dam?

Bringing lush oases of life to the foliage and the wildlife of the land,

When Bocelli’s soothing tenor, in its majesty, puts my feet in motion

Pales in comparison to the sound of the rushing tide and the ocean.

Lastly, I find it interesting that a seed holds a harvest deep inside

But must first be planted into fertile ground and then there abide,

It is dying unto itself, but being confident of the Creator’s intention

Waits for the day when it bursts forth with new life and intervention.

Have you yet considered and have you now figured it out?

Author’s notes: This poem is fashioned from Psalm 19 and I give Jesus Christ the glory. I hope it inspires you to write a poem of your very own today! Shalom

Written by Gary Cox 06/13/2019 to God be the glory

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