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Versatile Psalmist 18.0

I am giving you thanks, my Lord, for the joy and victory

I cannot ever repay the debt you paid for me at Calvary,

The invisible cords of a sinful garrote were strangling me

An eternity spent in the dark pits of Sheol was my destiny.

Day by day, word by word and in the twinkling of an eye

You raptured me to be with your heavenly host in the sky,

I once imagined how I would thus spent the rest of my days

My greatest joy is always giving You the glory and the praise.

The fierce battles on Earth were long and difficult to process

There were so many times that I felt defeated, lacking progress,

The ones from my younger days often tempted me to a rage

I felt as though I were just a singing monkey up on the stage.

I made various plans that soon withered and quickly died

I contemplated a way of escape including assisted suicide,

I give thanks for the still, small voice that never let me quit

That prompted me to calm the storm from deep inside of it.

As I am still a man who lives in this mortal body made of clay

I stumble and fall at times, but get back up to conquer the day,

I am blessed to have a doting wife who still sees the best in me

I do what I can to make her days better in a way most cheerfully.

None of the words I write would matter without YOUR BLOOD

That has washed away my sins like a deluge of a healing flood,

I long for the days of your Holy Kingdom, the millennial reign

When You lead us, guide us and walk among us once again.

Author’s note: This is rather autobiographical…..Shalom!

Written by Gary Cox 6/12/2019. To God be the glory!

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