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Versatile Psalmist 146.0

I will sing my praises to the Lord of Hosts with joy once again

Not placing my hope in men who fail and then vanish, amen,

Who among those alive helped create the trees and the grass?

In your pride and in your vanity, could this be you, I now ask?

Where is this Alexander, with his grand plan to conquer it all?

He is now barely a footnote in a text book; he had a mighty fall,

And where is this Caesar, whose likeness was upon the coin?

He is more famous as a salad that one might eat with a sirloin.

And what of Henry, whose number of eight vexed many a wife

He is mostly known for an inability to produce a male heir in life,

What of the clerk named Adolf, who dreamed of a new reich?

The water broke; this bloke was swept away like a leaking dike.

Unlike all of the others, there is One who said He would return

Saving those found worthy, while all of the rest shall thus burn,

He was kicked out of the schools by the leftists with their ideals

Those with a heart for the Lord Jesus still thank him before meals.

There is however a man of cunning that is forever running to sin

He longs to destroy as many souls as he can and thinks it is a win,

Whose name will you call upon when all chaos then breaks loose?

Is He the conductor of your train; do you keep Him in the caboose?

There are not many more Psalms left before I then reach the end

Have you made your decision for life on this day, my dear friend?

There is a rain that falls, bringing life anew to rivers and to streams

There is a reign that calls to the holy and righteous in their dreams.

The rain that falls and the reign that calls…amen!

Written by Gary Cox 03/15/ God be the glory

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