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Versatile Psalmist 142.0

The Prison And The Prism

There is a place of no escape and I had shut myself within

I had danced with the devil and was delighted in my sin,

All around me the vigor of my youth passed quickly by

There were the signs of the truth I could no longer deny.

My voice that I had used as a clarion call or a mighty gale

Had fallen on deaf ears, my bread of life was old and stale,

All of the seeming friends who had hung on my every word

Were absent once the calamity of a poverty I now incurred.

I once could leap like a gazelle that runs across the Serengeti

My body was ravaged, hurt like hell and since had failed me,

I was in the cold at more than five below zero and no hope

I had not seen the light, was a broken reticle within the scope.

I cried out and a small voice asked me if I would be now humble

I answered back that I would be, even if only to then bumble,

Many doors were opened by the Lord I could not have opened

Many holy joys were released that I had always been hoping.

I cannot speak to your journey or what you see in the prism

The light of the gospel of Christ can free us from the prison,

Let your light not be hidden under a bushel basket or a bed

Live a life of quiet servitude and of humble attitude instead.

Are you lost in sin, my brother, can you hear God calling you?

Walk upright in victory, for no other can save or sanctify you!

Written by Gary Cox 03/03/ God be the glory

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