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Versatile Psalmist 14.0

There are many people who dress up in their finery, I find this quite odd

They accrue wealth, stockpiling resources and then say they worship God,

Outwardly, they ensure that their names are on the plaques and are seen

Inwardly, they do not believe and make this decree, He has never been.

They are like the sheep from the fertile pastures that have all gone astray

They wander to and fro, enjoying their perversions, going their own way,

They prey upon the weaker ones and eat them like freshly baked bread

With the means to end suffering, they build monuments to greed instead.

When the day comes that the Lord comes down with wrath and terror

It will be too late for them to open their eyes and realize their own error,

Someday, those pure-hearts who love their neighbors in truth and in deed

Shall sup with Jacob, Abraham and Moses, being counted among their seed.

Author’s notes: This poem was inspired by Psalm 14 and I give Jesus the glory for inspiring me. I find it odd that we are all in these fleshly, carnal bodies and yet some account themselves are better than others? Does anyone’s bowel movement indeed smell more like a flowering bouquet than another’s’? Is there anyone among us not in need of laundering their clothes or wearing deodorant?

Considering that none of us, save One, have ever lived a life without sin;

Why do we believe that we can buy a stairway to heaven? I guess that as a simpleminded, poet of humble means; I shall not understand the motivations of those with the means to effect true change. Still I write on and shall continue to put my thoughts into verse and song.

Written by Gary Cox 6/5/2019

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