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Versatile Psalmist 139.0

You Are The Source

You have known me, my Lord, since I was in the womb

You guide my footsteps until I am laid to rest in the tomb,

You knew that I would break my arm playing basketball

You heard my voice rise while singing and You heard it fall.

You knew me when I was chasing after many a maiden fair

You knew me when I was on the sea or flying high in the air,

You knew that I would make mistakes and then break a vow

You knew that I would survive and humble myself somehow.

You have known all of us right to the innermost of our being

You were with us in all of our duress and moments fleeting,

You have heard our cries, donned a suit of this flesh and bone

You desire to save our spirits and call us one of Your very own.

I hope that along the way I have brought you moments of joy

In a mature and complete sense, and not just as a child’s toy,

We still have so much to learn of You and the Father You are

I hope in my zeal to be like You; follows me both near and far.

Thank you for the opportunity to wax poetic within my pavilion

As a writer of the versatility of the Psalms, I am able and willing,

Let the truth be told that You are the source of my quill and pen

May the proof of my verses be; I shall be with You ever, amen!

Written by Gary Cox 02/22/ God be the glory

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