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Versatile Psalmist 134.0

One Pair Of Hands

In the classroom, one should raise his hand to then talk

There is a board in which to write, one must use the chalk,

There are many occasions within life to raise your hands

Such as riding the roller coasters across the many lands.

Have you raised your hands in response to a call to faith?

Do you hope in the Lord with eternal life to be gaineth?

His hands on Earth were used to restore sight to the blind

To cast out demons who corrupted the soul and the mind.

His words contain the plan for man to find the way home

You may have seen these before if you still read my poem,

To God be the glory and may my two hands be ever found

Giving aid to the weary who I encounter upon the ground.

Two eyes to see all of the suffering that sin has introduced

Two ears to hear the cries of the wailing when let loosed,

Two feet to travel my pathway, but then nevermore roam

Two angels to fly me to my long awaited, heavenly home.

Written by Gary Cox 02/17/ God be the glory

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