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Versatile Psalmist 131.0

The Oil And The Lamp

O Lord, I reach into the depths of my emptiness and I loudly cry

I asked what else there was to do and never once questioned why,

My fury and my folly were unworthy of the place You call Heaven

I do not want to be as the one who kissed You, but as the eleven.

You took on my shame and my suffering that I may be with You

Many shall be the times that I sing Your praises, not just a few,

If you continued to keep a record of my iniquity , would I stand?

I reach out for Your mercy as one now in need of a helping hand.

May my ears be now more attuned to the way of life You desire

Let my life be a holy and humble walk, while avoiding the hellfire,

Your promises I shall keep as a holy banner to be at last unfurled

Let my joy for Your coming be as a classical waltz that is twirled.

Let the hope of all who have ears to hear be in You alone, my king

Let me seek Your face, keeping a place inside for new songs to sing,

May my waiting be as subtle as the arrival of the falling snowflakes

May the saints of the Lord keep oil in their lamps for goodness sakes!

Written by Gary Cox 02/04/ God be the glory

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