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Versatile Psalmist 13.0

In your life, there will be a moment of testing, a crucible

Will you have the courage and the strength to thus fulfill?

Even in a crowd of followers, you may find yourself alone

Will you have the will to climb the hill, pushing the stone?

Will you reach out to the One who was tested long ago?

By a burden that was crushing and only He could know,

Just like the poem and painting of footprints in the sand

His Spirit can transform your journey and you will stand.

As a man born of flesh, he was able to fight until the finish

As the son of God, He was able to fulfill His strongest wish,

If you find yourself in peril and struggling with your destiny

Reach out now to the Lord, who completed His Gethsemane!

Author’s notes: This poem was inspired by Psalm 13 and I give Jesus the glory. It seems that in my life, there have been a few times of testing. In every instance, the Lord has provided me a way of escape. I cannot know or say for certainty where you are on your journey. But I can say that if you have faith and faint not, He will deliver you…

Written by Gary Cox 6/1/2019

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