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Versatile Psalmist 129.0

Seven Deadly

Here is a list of vices that have plagued me while on Earth

In varied ways, I will describe their effect on me since birth,

By my faith, I have placed my trust and my cure to the Lord

In the Word, these are sharper than any two edged sword.

Wrath, even to this day is a strong impulse to be so mad

A path to pain that is my greatest challenge being a dad,

Being angry, but to sin not is a command we must obey

Leave vengeance to the Lord and in justice He shall repay.

Greed says there is a need to acquire more Earthly goods

Someday owning all of the farm land and even wild woods,

We are here such a short time and we cannot manage it all

The higher you aspire to rise is like Humpty awaiting his fall.

Envy says that is not fair and you desire the work of another

You arrange circumstances to defraud and defile your brother,

You scheme to live a metropolitan dream via another’s work

Their giving daily tribute to you is a just reward and your perk.

Sloth says that there is still time and all things require delay

Why should you work when there is time to frolic and play?

The noonday sun will age my skin and the night is more fun

I will live a life of leisure and live off the labor of everyone.

Gluttony says that the cookies taste too good and are yummy

They will soon go to waste and with haste go into my tummy,

What if there is a famine and should I not eat my food today?

I won’t deprive myself of this morsel and will eat without delay.

Lust says that if there is a flesh of which I have not yet tried

I should now take that lover to bed and should not be denied,

Just think of the many passions that I can awake within me

How can I with a straight face deny my pleasure and ecstasy?

Lastly, but not in the least, there is a spirit that to me has lied

Whenever I think it is all about me, I am living with great pride,

It is difficult to overcome, ‘cause it is not easy to see or discern

It is a fallacy and a fantasy to great folly; a lesson to now unlearn.

These have not prevailed against me; brought me to my knees

Where at last I was humbled and willing to obey Holy decrees,

These should be prayed against and are ever a tempting snare

Take them to the Cross, allowing Jesus to deal with them there.

Written by Gary Cox 02/01/ God be the glory

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