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Versatile Psalmist 127.0

In The Eyes Of A Child

Do you sometimes wish the pains from the past were reconciled?

Do you now desire to have the innocence and the joy of a child?

A psalmist once wrote that your children are a gift from the Lord

Do you spend your time on social media while these are ignored?

Do you have the strength to now disconnect the web and just be?

Could it be that time spent with these little ones will set you free?

You must be purposeful, for the wonder years pass so quickly by

Did you camp out together in the living room while singing a lullaby?

Do you think that your progeny cares that an argument was won?

Proudly proclaiming your prophesies and your spotlight in the sun,

We all can do better with the gentle gifts that the Lord has given

It is not too late to be a lamppost in their orbit and to be forgiven.

It will be ok if your artwork and poems are not found in the Louvre

Play a song, dance a jig and see if you can get into their tiny groove,

Be a Mary Poppins, even if the magic exists only within your mind

Let them tag along and not at the babysitter always be left behind.

Can you hear it now, the sounds of their youth now rushing by?

Are you near it somehow, and have you found the wings to fly?

A snowman is constructed and a snowball unobstructed, whee!

Unwrap and cherish the gift that was given by The Lord with glee!

Written by Gary Cox 01/25/ God be the glory

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