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Versatile Psalmist 126.0

Be It Ever So Humble

When I was alive here on Earth, I sometimes let out a scream

I wanted to wake up safely in my bed as if from a toxic dream,

There are so many forces here that chiefly desire to control

Heaven forbid we would be set free not in part, but in whole.

There are bankers and lawyers, those who tally the jellybeans

There are moguls, maestros and actors upon the silver screens,

There is an endless array of experts telling you just what to do

They seem to me to more like Squidword or Captain Kangaroo.

There are books to read that are about as interesting as paint

This dries up the creativity within your mind until at last it ain’t,

There are whole libraries devoted to minutiae of these protocols

I often time feel more like the Humpty’s still sitting on their walls.

I do not call for chaos, confusion or utter blackness from the void

Is it not enough to live by faith without a mask or being paranoid?

We were given ten basics laws and tenets that would still suffice

Instead we have more statutes and satraps than China has rice.

Someday when my time in the matrix of oppression has ceased

I hope to sit down at the table of the Lord, relaxed at the feast,

I hope that the new Earth is so large it takes me all of the day

To journey to the end of my property after I come out to play.

What a day of singing and rejoicing that will be, I say this again

I may be a bringing a basket of new songs to then sing, AMEN!

Written by Gary Cox 01/24/ God be the glory

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