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Versatile Psalmist 124.0

Look Up

There will come a day when the only help left is the Lord

Israel will cry out to the One whom they rejected before,

Then the elders will see whom they pierced and let out a cry

Then the naysayers will be silenced with none left to deny.

It will not be via a piece of parchment that mankind is saved

In the absence of His actions, all kinsfolk would be enslaved,

The beast longs for a techno feast to ever alter Adam’s DNA

Holy Scripture tells a different narrative to happen that day.

All whom the Lord redeems will be blessed and ever regale

The victory will be His alone and He is the hero of this tale,

Lest we should boast and attempt to gain advantage again

No, we will bow down and sing the choruses ever, amen.

Are you still asleep; do you think that scientists mean well?

What will it take for you to awaken, being locked in a cell?

O that men would humble themselves, look up and be saved

Living via the Spirit, a life full of virtue and no more depraved.

written by Gary Cox 01/23/ God be the glory

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