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Versatile Psalmist 123.0

Writing New Poetry

There are now those who sit in ivory towers issuing decrees

Making secret deals behind closed doors from a life of ease,

They spew flattering words from their mouths that sound fair

Their playbook is a copy of the prince of the power of the air.

I will not fear, for I look up and my redemption draws nigh

I look to the Lord of Hosts and not to some satrap in the sky,

His mercy and my humility are a recipe for great salvation

I will sing His praise with great fervor and new proclamation.

To have been counted worthy to escape the wrath of the King

Will be an endless symphony with so many verses yet to sing,

I believe by faith that I will get to hear the songs of the flowers

Being bathed in golden light with just a mist of water showers.

Those who worship the beast from their mansions of new tech

Are like the Titanic in the Atlantic, heading straight for a wreck,

O, the gnashing of the teeth when the goats see their master

Is a coward, a liar and to the fire, he shall be thrown ever after.

I do not have a specific day on a Gregorian calendar to mark

Perhaps you will be at work or taking a nap while in the park,

I pray for the Lord to remember my pleas and give me mercy

To be part of His flock there on the Rock writing new poetry.

Written by Gary Cox 01/12/ God be the glory

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