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Versatile Psalmist 12.0

Help us, O Lord, for there is now a cacophony of evil voices

Reminding us that they have already made their choices,

They cry out that there is no god and that their money rules

That in our abject poverty we have become destitute fools.

The media remind us with advertisements who is in charge

Stating the brokers and lawyers are in control and are large,

There is a caste system now worldwide for those who can see

Invisible chains, hunger pangs and pains rule us all indelibly.

Do you hear the cry of those displaced by corporate downsizing?

They are then evicted and the blue chips to them are despising,

There are many satraps with badges in the employ of the bankers

Gobbling up resources like the flow of oil into Valdez oil tankers.

How much longer will You let this greed continue to flow freely?

Will You let mankind play the ultimate, satanic game of monopoly?

I will remind You, Lord, of Your promises to the needy and the pure

They are Your covenant, Your word of truth and forever are sure.

Come down from Your holy throne, giving justice to the homeless

Be a bright beacon of loving light and restore hope to the hopeless,

Come dwell among us and forever destroy the Babylonian system

Shine Your truth in hearts of men and let Your love be our prism!

Author’s notes: This poem was inspired by Psalm 12. There are no shortage of psalms written where the writer cries out for deliverance and justice from the Lord. I hope that my words draw you closer to the heart of God in truth and in spirit…Shalom.

Written by Gary Cox 5/30/2019. To God be the Glory

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