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Versatile Psalmist 118.0

Tender Mercy

Our God is a He who is patient and endures with tender mercy

Let me now expound in detail on exactly what this means to me,

He was the God who allowed me to see via my parents’ wrath

Yet made a way out for me to escape and daily paved the path.

I have seen three tornadoes with my own eyes raise their fury

Attempting to end my life in a whirlwind of violence and flurry,

The storms passed over, even though there was no reason why

I am still here to tell the tales of why I survived and did not die.

When a teen, I fell from a cliff that should have broken my spine

I felt a warm sensation of healing and the incident was benign,

I fell through some ice on a pond and was able to be pulled out

I busted a path to the shore like the Incredible Hulk with a shout.

I often drove like a man who was in a Bond movie in the pursuit

Of the main antagonist and of my own safety, did not give a hoot,

I sternly stood on the aft deck of a United States Naval warship

Many missiles were inbound and yet my sense of duty did not slip.

The Lord spared me from four heart attacks on a day back in June

Within days of being revived, I was singing and smiling again soon,

I have known what it is like to have my world crashing and no home

Living from day to day with nothing more than a dream and a poem.

So, yes, I am aware that the Lord is merciful and for all of us a plan

I am in debt to His mercy and even today, I do not fully understand,

I pay this debt forward in the daily lives of my daughter and my wife

I attempt to give them tenderly the mercies I experienced in my life.

Written by Gary Cox 01/05/ God be the glory

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