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Versatile Psalmist 115.0

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

It began with a little bit of pride and my vanity

It escalated until it became my own idolatry,

I had reached the zenith of a human male form

Always looking in the mirror was my new norm.

I was careful to check the numbers on a scale

I believed that bliss would find me without fail,

There was something missing and I would find

I searched in vain and was so completely blind.

On the outside, I was collected, reflected and cool

Inwardly, I was either seething or playing the fool,

I followed all of the advice from the pop magazines

I ate all at all of the posh clubs, rode in limousines.

My self-indulged fantasy of vigor and eternal youth

Was devoid of any a lasting reality and lacked truth,

The candles on the cake mounted, my image lacking

The foundation of vanity was crumbling and fracking.

I crashed and burned when of a moment in my heart

My four chambers failed and were unable to then start,

The illusion of being the superman flew away in a cape

I had to face my situation in the mirror without escape.

Most of you all know how the story goes and I am glad

It could have ended quite differently; I am now a dad,

I teetered quite close to the edge and I could have fell

I give the Lord the glory not casting me straight to hell.

Give glory and do not worship idols made by our hands

I say this as one who played Narcissus and understands,

It enough to take up your cross and at night sleep in bed

Learn of the Lord and in accord live by the words in red!

Written by Gary Cox 12/25/2020...to God be the glory

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