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Versatile Psalmist 113.0

Sing A New Song

O praise The Lord Jesus Christ, let us remember His name

To redeem mankind from all sin was the reason He came,

In a season that is busy with giving cards and many gifts

There is a King who is watching with a justice that sifts.

When someday, my brethren, to Him we shall give account

Will you be cast into a valley or reside there on the mount?

Have you studied His Scripture to find yourself approved?

Are you an example of the older hymn, I shall not be moved?

If you are one of the blessed, residing in the promised land

Of the stranger and the widow, did you stop to lend a hand?

Did you hold the hand to the one who tried and fell short?

Did you seek to reconcile before you both ended up in court?

If so, be glad that you are treading salvation, the narrow way

Be a Christian in your walk and not just in the words you say,

Is there an economy of words and not a child with prattle?

Do you lift your hands in victory or shake them like a rattle?

Let us again praise the Lord, for His sun daily rises once again

Giving us a chance to display our hearts before all of the men,

Did you give to each day what is needed and what is the best?

Make a new song so when I sing along, I am mightily blessed!

Written by Gary Cox 12/23/ God be the glory

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