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Versatile Psalmist 112.0

Ears To Hear

Blessed is the man who fears the Lord and thus understands

He is making a merry song in his heart with the angel bands,

His seed shall be mighty, multiply in grace, in mercy abound

Of blessedness and righteousness, their children are found.

This man shall walk upright with confidence in His provision

He shall be called a peacemaker, not one bringing division,

His wealth shall thus give great glory to the Creator of us all

His praise for the Lord God almighty shall be as a waterfall.

His holy storehouses shall overflow; in discretion shall he lend

When wayward cattle are loose, with a hammer shall he mend,

His house shall be called one of prayer and a source of the light

There will be humble lodging for those who travel in the night.

He shall not be afraid of evil tidings, a lighthouse not moved

In the midst of temptation and trials shall his faith be proved,

He will give to the poor and of his speech cast not aspersion

He will scatter his enemies with courage, valor and dispersion.

The wicked will remember these words and then shall gnash

Gnawing their teeth, the age of their iniquity a wave to crash,

He shall rejoice and recount these odes to those with two ears

Ushering in an age with singing of life without pain and tears!

Written by Gary Cox 12/23/ God be the glory

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