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Versatile Psalmist 107.0

O That Men

O that men would praise the Lord, for He is good

Oh that men all of their days, living as they should,

O that the preachers would proclaim Hell is still hot

O that the brethren would daily discern and sin not.

O that the children would hear and then swiftly obey

Being quick to honor their parents without any delay,

O that the accusers would be more willing to rectify

So that they would receive their pardon; others testify.

O that we all could be diligent to tame our tiny tongue

Being aware we will remember when we were young,

O that the wives would tend to their garden and flock

Placing their trust in the Lord, who will be their rock.

O that families would spend more time in penitent prayer

Showing others within their household that they truly care,

O that we who live in these temples made of flesh and clay

Would be more holy in our dress and music that we play.

O that these words would now stir you to a vow of action

Prompting you to read your Bibles with joy and satisfaction,

O that we would live to see the day when The Lord returns

Finding his church eager to meet Him as one truly yearns!

Written by Gary Cox 12/08/ God be the glory

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