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Versatile Psalmist 106.0

When Time Is No More

I will give You thanks and praise, Lord, for your mercy

For what You have done and causing my eyes to see,

In my flesh, I was as the children crying for the bread

Lusting in the flesh and seeking entertainment instead.

If we will reflect back upon the crucibles in our lives

We would give You all the glory and humbly realize,

That left to our own devices, we were lost and as fools

Pawns to be played by the enemy and sinister tools.

Help me to be more like You and seek a life of recluse

Raising a humble family and of holiness, may we choose,

Help me to give from my barn when comes the harvest

May I work my fields daily to be satisfied and be blessed.

May my knees be able to bow and my gaze be upon You

Putting a filter on my lips, may my words on Earth be few,

Help me not to consider the journeys of my brothers here

There are many ways of being while on this clay of sphere.

If I leave this world having achieved no pomp or acclaim

It is better to have found within Your book my only name,

So that I may share in the rich inheritance of your chosen

Be able to reflect then with You these poems a composing.

It enough to know that as a man, I needed a Savior from sin

To be reborn by great faith and rekindling the spirit within,

So that my body may be glorified until all rebellion be over

Death will have died and I am satisfied that time is no more.

Written by Gary Cox 12/02/ God be the glory

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