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Versatile Psalmist 102.0

Remember Me, Lord

Remember me, Lord, when my eyes begin to fail

Guard my steps and let me not walk upon a nail,

Remember be, Lord, when my voice is a whisper

Once it was loud and commanding, like a twister.

Remember me, Lord, when my mind is not clear

Keep my mind fixed upon You, free from all fear,

Remember me, Lord, when my children do leave

Let me be content and to their memory cleave.

Remember me, Lord, if my wife goes on before

May she be waiting for me on Heaven’s shore,

Remember me, Lord, if my appetite goes away

Help me to consume my daily bread every day.

Remember me, Lord, if a storm passes my way

Calm my nerves and let the storm pass away,

Remember me, Lord, and help me to now forgive

Being at peace with others in this life that I live.

Remember me, Lord, when my hairline recedes

Conquer my vanity like King Cyrus of the Medes,

Remember me, Lord, in this simplest of prayer

At the end of my life to see You in glory there.

Remember me, my Lord…

Written by Gary Cox 11/18/ God be the glory

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