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Versatile Psalmist 101.0

Be Careful, Little Eyes

There is a verse saying be careful little eyes what you see

The windows into your soul can lose their joy and purity,

Wise are the eyes that despise the debauchery of the age

Wiser still are the eyes that read Scripture upon the page.

There is a verse saying be careful little feet where you go

They thus realize the debris you then see can easily follow,

We should strive when thus alive to ensure the navigation

To follow a path, free from wrath, and eternal salvation.

There is a verse saying to be careful little ears what you hear

The echoes of the enemy can leave us with anxiety and fear,

Sticks and stones have broken bones and that is quite well

The words we speak, a space to peak in the heart and a tell.

There should be a verse saying to be careful of time we waste

It never returns for even one, who discerns and gives it chase,

A life well lived ends at The Throne with these words in measure

Enter into My Kingdom, good servant of my sheep and pleasure.

Written by Gary Cox 11/18/ God be the glory

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