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Versatile Psalmist 100.0

Let Us Praise Him

Let us praise the Lord for He has made us whole

Let us praise the Lord for descending into Sheol,

Let us praise His name for conquering the grave

He has the power to resurrect and to then save.

Let us praise the Lord for making us able to talk

Being upright instead of on all fours and to walk,

Let us praise the Lord for our being able to laugh

Appreciating the power of being clean in a bath.

Let us praise the Lord for making food taste good

To tend our gardens; doing the things we should,

Let us praise the Lord for bringing about our rest

Helping us to reenergize inside and to pass the test.

This is the day the Lord has made and it is full of joy

Let my hands be raised in victory; my smile deploy,

Let us sing a song of worship to give honor to Him

Being joined in by the holy saints and the cherubim.


Written by Gary Cox 11/13/2020...to God be the glory

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