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Versatile Psalmist 10.0

O Lord, why is it that You seem aloof and keep Your distance?

Do You not see all the violence, the chaos and the dissonance?

In extreme arrogance is the persecution by the so called elite

They mock Your name and proclaim that You must admit defeat.

In a demonic and sarcastic alphabet are the four letters LGBT

They laugh in Your face and with disgrace commit all adultery,

An added bonus to honor a false deity called horus is abortion

Rivers of blood run red with fetuses, will this be their portion?

How much deeper will run the abyss of deranged depravity?

What is Your response and what comfort can you offer me?

Of the wicked, so great is their appetite and they long to feast

They await a sign from the sky and one who will be their beast.

Within the modern culture is the language of the human heart

Much cursing and ever pursing the lips to break all society apart,

Was it like this just before the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah?

How much longer will the corrupted leaders continue to ignore You?

I long for the day when a King of truth and holiness rules among us

He will give the innocent rest and to the wicked will render justice,

Now hear my anguished cry, O Lord, come down and settle the score

Do justice unto the orphan, may terror ever be vanquished evermore!

Author’s Notes: This poem was inspired by Psalm 10 and to God be the glory. I hope that as we examine our hearts, we can be confessors that in our servitude to sin, we were both the oppressed and the oppressors. I thank Jesus Christ for breaking the chains of sin and bondage in my life.

Written by Gary Cox 5/24/2019

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