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Versatile Psalmist 1.0

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Happiness will go with those who do not follow the flow of iniquity

Those who do not walk the paths of wrath will be joyful eternally,

They study and delight in the laws right in the perfect will of the Lord

They prosper, doing what they outta, living in peace and one accord.

The wicked will play their sinister games, are consumed in the flames

In the Lamb’s book of life will not be found their notorious names,

The Lord will watch over those who obey His holy commandments

But the evildoers will only feel His punishment and His banishments.

Author’s notes:

This poem was inspired by Psalm 1 from the Bible. Via the Holy Spirit, I feel as though the Lord has commissioned me to transcribe His Psalms. I give the Lord Jesus all of the glory and am glad to one of His fountain pens. I hope that at least one of these will seep into your soul and allow you to be closer to the Lord.

I had an HD dream last night, here are the details I remember. I may not have been me, but was in school with various random people. All was going well, but I felt compelled to go hiking. Later in the dream, I got the impression that I was someone who was taking a sabbatical. I found myself in a meadow was singing praise and worship songs to the Lord.

Along came two donkeys and they listened to me sing. One of the donkeys then relieved himself with no warning and I then stated, “Hey, do you mind, you are interrupting my flow.” Next thing I knew, there was a very large white horse approaching us. I looked up and there in the sky was Jesus Christ in His glory (very bright and appeared to be looking to and fro). I called out to Him, but was not able to discern whether he acknowledged me or not. The dream ended.

My interpretation is that He is coming and will arrive at a place/time that we think not. Our part is to be ready (living a life of dedication, holiness and repentance) and NOT to play the game of trying to be a prophetic prognosticator. Such are the thoughts that I have for today and I thank you for reading my words.

Written by Gary Cox 05/06/2019 to God be the glory

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