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To The River In Time

Let me write to you a story about a river that was drying up Unlike the rivers that are here on the Earth, this is different, These bodies are in charge of whether or not they receive They may empty, they may flow or somewhere in between.

Even though this body of water was referred to as Big Red If this river had a spirit, it would seem subdued and so blue, While the rains poured out their provision, all seemed right Amid all of the pains and the divisions, there was a drought.

Now there was a healer who roamed about seeking to help Big Red was astonished to see someone who was nearby, Master River, you have been a giver and let me give to you I have a unique perspective of things and have made a plan.

Are you willing to relinquish the need to always be in control? Big Red was scared, but reluctantly let the healer do his best, Big Red was diminished and for a long while was but a stream After the healer was finished, there were many new waterways.

Big Red was also given a system of locks, bypasses and meters He was able to send his water to his friends when rains came, He grew in stature even larger than before the improvements But he never forgot that it was the healer that brought him life.

Big Red was embarrassed that earlier in life he was too proud He pretended not to need anyone and be an island all alone, He was humble in his own sight and adjusted with the needs Many came far and wide to enjoy this river that was reborn.

I wonder within the context of this simple and serene allegory What part have you played within the context of your own story? Are you now a river, a delta, a healer or perhaps a mighty ship? Are you still trying to go it alone or are you part of a fellowship?

As for me, I have been each of the characters written right here I connect with others through my pages of poetry I hold so dear, I wrote the allegory in such a way to show without even a rhyme We can all be reborn and flow to the sea while there is still time!

Written by Gary Cox 02/03/ God be the glory

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