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Versatile Psalmist 5.0

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Please listen now to these words of concern that I share

My many enemies speak of my death and are everywhere,

My Lord, in the morning I share with you my humble voice

You are not a God who tolerates evil, make now a choice.

Destroy those who speak these lies and are filled with deceit

Be my captain of courage and triumph in the enemy’s defeat,

By Your own will and strength, will I humbly enter Your house

Where the thieves do not spoil or the schemers ever espouse.

The wicked flatter themselves with the excellence of words

Sour their evil plans like salmonella among the fresh curds,

Their transgressions are many and their repentance very few

Repay them for the misdeeds that they plotted against You.

Let all who take delight in Your holy laws eternally rejoice

Give us a joy unspeakable so that as one people and voice,

We may enter into Heaven and dance among a golden field

Light our lives like a beacon and cover us as a sturdy shield!

Author’s notes: Many of you reading these words know well what it is like to reach out to the Lord in a time of trouble. Songs like, ‘Jesus, take the wheel” and others are an example of this plea.

My plea is that anyone who currently feels genuine/mortal fear in their abode WILL rise up and find the courage to leave. I hope that anyone reading these words will think long and hard before they raise a hand to strike another. It did NOT go well for Cain when he did this to Abel, and it will not go well for you.

As always, you are free to do with my words as you will. But I am free to express them and shall continue to do so. Inspired by Psalm 5, this was.

Written by Gary Cox 5/11/2019. To God be the glory!

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