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Versatile Psalmist 4.0

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Oh God, please answer me when I cry out and be my light

You house me, feed me and You are now my dearest delight,

O small sheeple of the stiff necks, when will you ever learn?

You seek after lies and schemes; lacking the ability to discern.

The Lord has prepared a place for the faithful in His abode

He rewards those who seek His holiness and have strode,

Always refrain from all appearances of impropriety and sin

Offer up sacrifices of praise and put the Word of God within.

Blessed are they that ever seek after goodness and justice

They shall be filled with the Lord, who shall live among us,

Much more than the taste of wine and grain, we shall be fed

By the Lord God almighty, the living water and the holy bread!

Author’s Note: This was inspired by Psalm 4 and to God be the glory. Most of us understand the concept of merriment and feasting, this song speaks of a holy and an eternal meal that the elect shall someday eat together.

I can speak from the experience as a younger man, that the constant pursuit of pleasure and mirth is a vanity. To everything there is a season as was written in Ecclesiastes. I hope that as we mature in our faith, we strive after an eternal prize that cannot be found in the world system.

I feel closer to Jesus after I study and expound upon the Scriptures. I pray that you will spend at least as much time in the Bible today as you spend in social media. Shalom!

Written by Gary Cox 5/9/2019. To God be the glory!

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