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The Time Moves Along

There is a voice saying let us go back in time

I am leaving soon and before I am a dying,

I will rectify the sinful things that I have done

Now making amends before the noonday sun.

I will be more patient and I will be more kind

Lending a hand to the widows and to the blind,

I will be quiet when I cannot say this with love

I will be a peacemaker, an olive true and dove.

I will notice the sunsets, the shape and the hue

Taking the time to be instead of always must I do,

I will keep in touch with those who do bless me

I will give of my best and in earnest so tenderly.

I hear another voice saying back you cannot go

You are on a journey that has one path and flow,

Though you now are strong and are standing tall

Someday your future will take you over the fall.

Be aware of the mistakes in the past you made

But into a sea of forgetfulness you should bade,

Make happy memories today so before you know

Another past that was a blast with you shall follow.

Are you the captain of your vessel here on the bridge?

Do you tell the whole truth or of a falsehood a smidge?

Your words as well as your deeds are forever recorded

Someday you will give an account, eternity to be sorted.

I reflected upon these voices and I made my decision

To now live a holy life that is free of strife and division,

I write these words in the hope when there are voices

You can be at peace with your past and your choices.

I am not the man that I once was and for that I am glad

I am truly sorry if I wronged you or made you feel mad,

The time moves on and I am along a journey to the Lord

Where I hope to meet each of you in one joy and accord.

If you find yourself travelling west and are near Missouri

I hope you take the time to be with me and my family,

We will break bread, kneading the dough with a song

John Denver will play his guitar and you may sing along.

Written by Gary Cox 12/02/ God be the glory

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