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The River And The Giver

I write another song of joy dedicated to the man from Denver

I turn to his music when I need a ray of sunshine and if ever,

He wrote many ballads of nature while playing a twelve string

To hear him speak Rocky Mountain High, you would also sing.

To those who only think in the temporal, his music thus ended

I believe that in the backdrop of eternity, John is transcended,

Do you have the courage to try and write a song in his name?

I am so glad that traversing country roads, to his home he came.

Like all of us, did he have moments when his flesh was master?

Of his romantic relationships, it is easy to call them a disaster,

Do we know how frustrating it is to have your voice unheard?

In our moments of carnal weakness, would we also look absurd?

During the spring, I will once again spend more time here outside

My baritone will ring and my joy in John’s music will not subside,

He once quipped for the river and mountains, let this be a voice

I am equipped to be the giver and this ode to him is my choice.

Written by Gary Cox 01/07/2021...to God be the glory

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