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The Princess Says Goodbye to Sally Kitty

Princess Bella was playing underneath of her new loft bed

Having a tea party with Lucky Seven and baking some bread,

Buttercup was in the field, munching on freshly spread hay

It was beautiful weather and overall a simply delightful day.

Sally Kitty had been much more quiet than her usual self

She napped and seemed like an old book up on the shelf,

Her eyes were dimmed and Bella went to inquire of Sally

Kitty Love, your subdued spirit is affecting me rather badly.

Princess Bella, my body fails me and I must leave you soon

There is an appointment with the vet tomorrow afternoon,

Now let us relax and enjoy the sunshine, like we always do

In my feline and fickle way, I will remember and love you.

The day and the night passed and they made the long journey

Bella, please be strong and with a smile, always remember me,

Sally Kitty fell into a deep sleep from which she would not return

Bella could taste her flow of salty tears that were wet and burned.

The king, queen, Buttercup and Bella then returned to the castle

Thinking only loving thoughts and not remembering the hassle,

There was a quiet meal and many moments to poignantly reflect

There was oral reminiscing, thinking about the times to connect.

The castle is much more quiet now and it will be so for a time

All expressed thanks for getting to love Sally Kitty in her prime,

Perhaps when spring blooms again, they will adopt a new friend

The castle will be full of shenanigans and bustling once again.

Good bye now, Sally Kitty; Bella and I thank you for adopting us

We believe by faith that you are with Casey and near to Jesus.

Written by Gary Cox on 12/28/2019. To God be the glory!

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