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The Princess And The Pony Meet Katie The Centipede

The princess and the pony galloped into the meadow

When off in the distance was standing a peculiar fellow,

When they met him, his name was Arthur the apothecary

Purveyor of potions and lotions from the land of the fairy.

What would like to buy today, for all here is now for sale

I could make you light as a feather or as slow as a snail,

Do you have a special potion that no one has ever tried?

Arthur said that he did; but in reality, he may have lied.

If you drink this draught, quite different you will then feel

The minutiae of this life will have power, a strange appeal,

So Princess Zoe gave Arthur money for her and the pony

They drank down the special potion and they eyes stony.

Zoe met many tiny things while on top of her trusted steed

Until at last, they met in a flurry; a furry and funny centipede,

My name is Katie and I am in need of a cobbler, a shoemaker

Zoe and Penelope agreed to help and they did soon take her.

Into a tiny, shiny cave that they both had never seen before

They both occupied Katie into the cave to complete her chore,

The cobbler saw that he indeed had a lot of work now to do

I will get to work right away; construct for you many a shoe.

Katie invited them into the tiny salon of this elegant boutique

There were so many goods for sale and the prices were cheap,

Much to Zoe’s surprise, her money here was diminutive, too

She bought an apple for both Penelope and Katie that was blue.

Later that afternoon, with the construction of the shoes all done

Katie tried the fit and had to admit, she looked stylish in the sun,

As they said goodbye, without the knowing why, to their surprise

Zoe and Penelope were restored to their former and proper size.

They would always remember that despite whatever is the size

To always wear a winsome smile and to look others in the eyes,

Whenever the shoe was fitting, they would wear it with the joy

That comes from transmitting a love that this life cannot destroy.

Written by Gary Cox 10/22/ God be the glory

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