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The Princess And The Pony Meet Holly The Hula Dancer

The princess and the pony were invited to an island luau

They wanted to learn the Hawaiian hula and the how,

They stopped in a tiny dance studio there in Waikiki

And saw a petite island girl twirling about with glee.

She said, Mahalo, my name is Holly if you are guessing

I perceive you have stopped to receive my hula lesson,

They shared their names and the various circumstances

How much do we owe you for our lesson and dances?

It varies according to your gift and on par with the need

I hope to plant within you a glimpse of family and a seed,

Learn my dance and use it often wherever it is you live

As you grow older, you will ascertain exactly what to give.

So Zoe and Penelope whirled and twirled in a tight twist

Their dancing was perfect in form and nothing was amiss,

It seems that my time with you is completed and all done

Remember me at the party, enjoy the night and have fun.

So the princess and the pony bid Holly and the studio adieu

They were not exactly sure what to think or just what to do,

At the party, they were greeted by a majestic Hawaiian chief

Who looked a bit morose, he seemed to be stricken with grief.

Soon, Princess Zoe softly approached him and began to dance

She was as light as a feather on the weather within her prance,

The chief started to smile and was mesmerized by the dance

He was absolutely hypnotized and was within a deep trance.

When the music came to a stop, he motioned there to Zoe

My child, please come here, recline at the table with me,

You remind me of my youngest daughter, who now is gone

Your dancing formed a story and a memory within the song.

I saw a native girl named Holly in a studio there in Waikiki

She gave my pony and I many hula lessons and they were free,

My child, my Holly, has been dead now for many lonely years

The chief exclaimed with wonder as he tasted his many tears.

I know that you have seen and are the scene of my Holly bear

If you ever see her again, please let her know that I still care,

So the party ended and Zoe was heading back to the hotel

What a beautiful story this is and I will always with joy tell.

In her sleep that night, there danced the native, island girl

Thank you for giving me my remaining desire in the world,

My daddy now knows that I am safe and everything is right

Holly whirled and twirled, fading away into the ethereal light.

Whenever the princess or the pony heard another ukulele

They thought of Holly and remembered her poignant story,

Dance often with those that you love and make life a song

So you can remember them in loveliness after they are gone.

Written by Gary Cox in edit in God be the glory

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