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The Princess And The Pony Go Shopping

The princess Zoe just counted up her daily sales

The money seemed to be poking at her like nails,

Come on, Penelope, or we will get stuck in a line

If you do not have the money, you can use mine.

I will happy to go along with your shopping spree

But the grass, the oats and sunshine sustains me,

Princess Zoe let Penelope into shops and stores

Despite her money dwindling, she wanted more!

Zoe’s face became flush in a bright shade of red

Penelope took her home, went straight to bed,

You rest now, child, I will joyfully watch over you

When you wake up, you will thus feel brand new.

Zoe tossed, turned, and then she drifted off to sleep

Penelope guarded her that night; a promised keep,

Good morning, my Penelope, what came over me?

I desperately wanted everything there was to see.

You got caught up in a fit of greed, largesse and lust

It makes bankers rich and makes the gamblers bust,

It is needful to go shopping and to have nice things

As long as they do not become your lords and kings.

After breakfast, let us give all of these baubles away

Then all I want is to find my friend and outside play,

So the princess and the pony flew all over the land

Giving away all of the surplus; then lending a hand.

That feels so much better, Penelope, I feel so much lighter

Zoe was at peace with the joy residing deep inside of her,

There was a rumor that day that was stated without a pause

Of a girl and her trusted pony playing the part of Santa Claus.

Children, please do not spend all of your time collecting toys

There are so many other virtuous pursuits and blessed joys,

Give of yourself in pure love without ever ceasing or stopping

Once in a while, take your bestie out for a day of shopping!

Written by Gary Cox 10/24/ God be the glory

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