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The Princess And The Pony Meet Tick Tock

The princess Zoe and her trusted pony

Made macaroons and made macaroni,

Decided to have a picnic near their waterfall

They feasted awhile and had enough for all.

When in the thicket, they heard quite a rustle

There was a ticking sound and quite the bustle,

When emerged a tiny clock who had legs, too

He said, my name is Tick Tock, how do you do?

They exchanged names and sat right down to eat

The princess and the pony shared their tasty treat,

Zoe asked, what in the thicket was the matter?

Tick Tock said that he was sorry for the clatter.

I am searching for the key to help me wind

I must find the key before I run out of time,

Would you help me find my key, fair princess?

I am sorry that I have gotten myself into a mess.

The princess happily replied that she would assist

And help Tick Tock so that the time would persist,

But try as they may, the key was not to be found

We must go see Big Ben there in London town!

The trio arrived and asked Big Ben for his advice

You must go see the key maker and be very nice,

He can forge you a new key, which is what to do

I can send ahead a message, he will expect you.

The key maker was very astute and sized up the situation

And made Tick Tock a new key without any hesitation,

They thanked the key maker and then gladly returned home

Remembering their picnic near the waterfall with fancy foam.

Parents, you have the time so with you child freely be

And in truth if you do, you have found the golden key,

For the tick tock of this time slowly and surely marches on

Until at last, your children are a memory and are soon gone.

Written by Gary Cox on 10/14/2014 from The Princess and the Pony

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