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The Princess and the Pony Meet Sally Kitty

Princess Bella was eating her lunch with her mare, Buttercup

When they heard a crashing sound that was loud and abrupt,

Their feline friend and four legged soliloquy of mirth and fun

Hid under the cabinet and lo and behold, kitty was on the run.

Sally shrieked out loud: help me, oh help me, I am so scared

They turned and saw a hairbrush whose bristles were bared,

Bella laughed and asked her feline friend, Sally the Fraidy cat

Were you chewing on the brush again, was it on the bath mat?

Yes, said Sally, I thought it was a monster that would attack you

I meowed and bit this bristly monster, that is what I must now do,

O Sally, you are so silly; this is a hair brush I use to comb my hair

I can even brush your fur coat, if you have the courage and dare.

Oh no, I have others foes to vanquish to keep the kingdom safe

Sally, even for a kitty cat, was tiny and was petite tabby like a waif,

Ok Sally, but do not break anything or to a timeout you will go

Buttercup and Bella laughed at Sally, in a sincere way, you know.

Sally, would never truly get over her fear of the monstrous brush

And would pounce on the bristled beast and attempt to thus crush,

Children, there will be times that it is necessary to brush your hair

Be more courageous than feline Sally and Fraidy cats everywhere.

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