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The Princess And The Pony Go To The Beach

The princess and the pony were on their way to a holiday at the beaches

They had packed a picnic lunch including a fruit made of ripe, juicy peaches,

The first beach they encountered was crowded and full of many crying babies

They decided to keep moving towards a place of solitude from the eighties.

They discovered the Seychelles and the beach where many a cover was shot

It was a place that smelled of sea foam and was neither too cold not too hot,

Zoe spread the blanket and the umbrella while Penelope swam near the shore

They were glad to be away from the hustle for a day and maybe even more.

Zoe remembered to apply the sunscreen that her mother had asked her to wear

Both of them retreated to the umbrella and into the noonday sun did not stare,

They had brought IPODS and with their ear buds in place, they had fallen asleep

They never strayed far from the shore and were careful not to go out into the deep.

When they looked up, there was a young native girl who was pushing a wooden cart

She said that her name was Sally and would the two of them like to see her ocean art?

When Zoe and Penelope peeked at the artsy wares, they were amazed by what she sells

For most of the pieces had been constructed using driftwood, seaweed and tiny seashells.

I am sometimes called Simple Sally and as you can see, I sell sea shells by the sea shore

I come here and try to canvass the area for customers every afternoon around four,

If there is anything here you would like to take home, let us then agree to the price

Everything here was made from my imagination and will be a gift that is quite nice.

Zoe saw a large conch shell that had been made into an instrument that one has to blow

The sound of the ocean would follow Princess Zoe and Sally confirmed that this was so, Penelope saw a necklace that had been strung using a variety of colored, cultured pearls

She took that fancy necklace and the children delighted in seeing it, be they boys or girls.

Both Zoe and Penelope thought it was odd that a native girl would be alone selling by the sea

Perhaps there was more to Sally than the artistic creations she has made for you and me?

You may be right; Zoe, and someday soon we will go back to the Seychelles when it is four

And see if Simple Sally is selling her wares and goods to the visitors who land near the shore.

Simple Sally was there and to everyone’s surprise so were a fleet of mermen and mermaids

There were many marine boats and vessels that would transport Sally’s artistic, beach aids,

Princess Zoe and Penelope kept their distance safe and did not do anything to interrupt

Then in a flurry and in a hurry, the fleet of sea people was gone in moment quite abrupt.

Sally shouted to the princess and the pony to come and join her for afternoon iced tea

Were you more surprised to see my friends from the deep or the goods they brought me?

Both! Exclaimed the two friends as they enjoyed the lavender, tasty froth Sally had made

All three of them laughed until at last, the sun began to set and all had been parlayed.

Zoe and Penelope often came back to this secluded beach hidden in the tropical Seychelles

They walked and talked with Sally and would help her in search for a specific seashell,

A person can string together collection of shells and make them into a precious gift

A person can string together a collection of close, artistic friends that never ever drift.

Written by Gary Cox on 10/21/2014 from The Princess And the Pony Collection

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