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The Pony Meets Angela The Angel

The Princess Zoe was away at her school

The leaves were turning, the air was cool,

Pony Penelope was in the barn eating hay

When a very tiny girl came across the way.

Hello, my small lass, my name is Penelope

Will you come enjoy some hay with me?

I am an angel in training and not a horse

I will stay as you enjoy the hay, of course.

I am Angela and I am seeking special things

In time for Christmas, I want to get my wings,

I will then fly to the top of the Christmas tree

So that all may smile as they gaze upon me.

You are in luck, I know someone to aid us

He helped with a song, I became a Pegusus,

He is a busy man who is called the Maestro

Hop on my back, Angela and now we will go.

The Maestro was in his music shop composing

Soon he and the Pony Penelope were reposing,

Angela, I have just the song to meet your need

But first, you must finish for me a simple deed.

Oh anything, Mr. Maestro; I’ll do a deed for you

To get a set of wings and to fly straight and true,

Before the sun sets, you must complete the task

Listen well, Miss Angela, this is what I now ask.

Find someone in need of your time and aid

For this is why angels and wings were made,

Help them out in whatever way that you can

Provide them assistance, be the helping hand.

So Penelope and Angela went on their search

To find someone who was lost, lonely or hurt,

Soon they saw lying about a tiny, broken violin

It looked broken and seemed so sad from within.

They took the violin to the shop to be repaired

Showing the violin love; how much they cared,

Thank you, Miss Angela, is the Maestro home?

I have a tune just for him and a pretty poem.

So the violin played before the sun went down

And the music could be heard all over the town,

Thank you, Miss Angela, for returning my own violin

In the morning, your wings will emerge from within.

When Angela awoke, she felt her feathery things

She at last had her treasure, her own angel wings!

I think of Angela, whenever I see a Christmas tree

How lovely she is and all that she means to me.

Children, even if your wings are not now visible

There are many angels, who love is so invincible,

Showing us the light and the way to truthfully be

Who come along in love and comfort you and me!

Written by Gary Cox 10/19/ God be the glory

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