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The Mirror On The Wall

There was once a beauty that fell in love with a mirror

It was wicked by design, rarely made the image clearer,

If one gazed too long into it, they became forever lost

Spending time in self-worship is a vain and lonely cost.

It was infused with a drive to need more, called vanity

Often confused with virtue, this sin can dissolve sanity,

As the sad years of the love affair with this monster fly

The part of the soul that is immortal will eventually die.

You are not yet done as those who have escaped know

It seems to feed you and need you; this is of course ego,

Unlike the mirror from Snow White, this one is distorted

You ignore the truth of the situation when it is reported.

To break the spell of the glass requires a lass to cry out

You lay the mirror by faith at the Cross with a loud shout,

Daily you must renounce your addiction to the physical

The mirror will call you to return with a power mystical.

There is power in the blood of Jesus Christ the Messiah

Cast the mirror by faith into hell, it no longer defines ya,

This story, of course, is a simple allegory to show us a sin

Quit looking at your strength and the emptiness within.

Repent and break the cycle of mirror, mirror on the wall!

Written by Gary Cox 05/09/ God be the glory

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