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The Making Of A Miracle

Perhaps just once in a lifetime a miracle comes along

Someone to help you find the solution to what is wrong,

Perhaps just once in my lifetime I will write this prose

So that everyone reading will believe and truly knows.

My miracle was someone who listened to my karaoke

She was unassuming and believed in the best yet to be,

She heard me belt out a rendition of You Raise Me Up

Little did I know that she would become my buttercup.

Have you met your miracle, giving faith to circumstance?

It may be while you are singing; she twirls with the dance,

Perhaps you can build anything with ease, but want more

Perhaps you have sailed seas, wondering what is in store?

Perhaps you are the theoretical mathematician with charts

While she is a talented beautician, beauty off of the charts,

Do you place your trust in the truest of loves and a Savior?

Have you gone bust in the vain pursuit of desiring ever more?

I know that there are many experts who will sell you a place

On their site of amorous ardor, complete with many a face,

Perhaps when you rest from chasing a miracle, you may find

That the best case of pursuing is to be still and rest your mind.

I am thankful that every day I have a wife that is true of heart

We trust each other to remain ever faithful even when apart,

I hope that you cherish the miracle of matrimony while here

Someone to hold tight in your arms and in your heart so dear.

I join you in the belief that this life is brief and true love rare

I hope you are joined in God’s perfection to one who will care,

The miracle is not in the finding, but in binding any more doubts

In closing the dead end doors, a new love may flow from spouts.

Just believe…

Written by Gary Cox 03/09/ God be the glory

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