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The Living In The Light

1. The little baby is no longer lying there in the manger

Ascended to a place undying and no longer in danger,

The three kings visited Him while bestowing their gifts

He is now the Lord God and the greatest King there is.

2. Lowly and yet slowly, the Lord began His ministry

Clearly and so dearly, the Lord came to rescue me,

Heaven sent and then He went sharing good news

Salvation for a situation, the sinner without excuse.

3. The little baby was adored by His mother and grew

The words shared about His early life are quite few,

So much since has been written about the last three

From His Sermon on the Mount and Mount Calvary.


What will you do with the words written in red?

Do they fill you with hope or fill you with dread?

Bethlehem, there was no room, yet He was born

Resurrected after taking the cross of sin and scorn.


A moment in time, so special and sublime, to receive

A life reborn in the spirit form, so trust and believe!

Written by Gary Cox 01/12/ God be the glory

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