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The Hope of Eden and Believing

The sun is starting to rise now over the prairie grass

The beautiful scene is now fleeting and it will not last,

If you are very silent, you can hear the sound of the wild

If you’re in the Spirit, you are a parent calling to a child.

There is a flurry of activity as the bees leave the hive

It is a great day to write a song and just to be alive,

If you’re patient, you may see the shape of a buffalo

Who roamed the prairies so freely so very long ago.

Can you ride the wild stallions as did the mighty Sioux?

They respected the living in all that they strove to do,

If you close your eyes, can you envision the native Lakota?

Who lived in harmony in an area we call South Dakota.

They whispered their chants of hope along the west wind

They counted their brothers as sacred and others as friends,

It is later in the morning and fish are dancing in the water

They are careful to avoid the gaze of the fisherman otter.

The bright flowers are dancing in unison to the gentle breeze

The eagle has ascended and is the monarch over all it sees,

There are wisps of white clouds, but mostly the sky is azure

The heat of the day is pressing on and the strong endure.

The prairie dogs are playing, but keep a vigilant oversight

They are safe in their burrows that they dig with might,

The Creator is looking upon this scene with a happy smile

He will be saddened by those who live in wrath and denial.

Not all of those who walk upon the grass see the beauty

They see the green of dollars and considerate it their duty,

To assimilate the natural into a machination of machines

Dreaming of such domination of much dominating schemes.

But I believe in the end, there will be an end to this warfare

And the profiteers and the bankers’ careers will not be there,

The Creator has set in motion forces that stabilize the Earth

Nature will be reborn of the fertilizer of mankind’s rebirth.

So wait a while and we will see the return of the mighty oak

Gardening and singing will be the activity of common folk,

The yellow sun may set for a while, but will eventually arise

Bringing light and life to the creation as a beacon in the skies.

Can you hear the whisper in the wind of a mothers weeding?

Can you see the planting of a new fruit tree via tiny seedling?

Can you feel the hope of Eden and the beauty thus restored?

Can you see the hope of believing and faith, and so it goes!!!

Written by Gary Cox on 12/10/2019

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