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The Dance Of The Sunflowers

Have you ever considered this plant that a bird might devour?

It is called a tournesol, but you may know it as the sunflower,

It is well travelled across all known geography and our history

It can be diminutive and yet also as tall as a mighty oak tree.

The sunflower continually follows its source of food and light

Then points eastward again and patiently waits another flight,

We would do well to be as heliotropic as is this festive plant

Within the realm of all super foods, it is a miracle and a giant.

As all of humanity will someday be, this flower is a collection

Thousands of tiny flowers bundled together by interconnection,

The hue and the color of this happy plant make a person smile

Its substance is nontoxic and pure, not having deceit or guile.

This dandy dancer has few branches and a single minded focus

It is not a tiny chameleon with an ever changing hocus pocus,

This plant is an overcomer and succeeds where others may fail

It is best harvested in the morning before it can become stale.

Its roots grow quite deeply and it can withstand a violent storm

It grows best in an environment of sunlight to achieve good form,

As with all people, there are many varieties with varying heights

The sheer quantity of medicinal effects can protect us from blights.

Its food has been consumed to treat the central nervous system

It was shared by the Native Americans and given to the Pilgrims,

It can improve vision and is beneficial for cardio vascular health

Quite golden in color, this floral creation is a bouquet of wealth.

The sunflower has value in its forms including Jerusalem artichokes

It has been a substitute for the milk of a cow, nourishing tiny blokes,

A large sunflower dried in the sun can become a buffet for the birds

One can only imagine their satisfaction if we could discern their words.

Please think of my ponderings the next time that you see a sunflower

Perhaps sipping on some lavender tea as you rest and relax an hour,

There are more miracles that surround us just waiting to be revealed

Giving us a taste of heaven that The Creator has placed out in the field.

Written by Gary Cox 02/05/2020 to God be the glory

This was inspired by an idea from my wife for her birthday. I hope that our lives are full of sunflowers!


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