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The Dance Of Growing Older

Grow Old With Me

Struggles to listen and refuses to listen…time advances

Too busy to listen in the midst of living circumstances,

Wearing an aid to try and hear what is now being said

Being well aware of the clock and thinking of the dead.

We all fancy ourselves as more important than we are

Believing that others revolve around us just like a star,

I wonder why it is that those with the most to parlay

So struggle to find their voices and soon must go away.

This is a strange and oftentimes an enigmatic condition

Mortality in this human flesh is a chore and imposition,

My younger audience will have already turned the page

And believe I am just babbling about my advancing age.

Those who have celebrated more events and birthdays

Wished they would have created more happy mirth days,

I cherish the moments we have created which bring joy

Like a ship that is launched, I long to once again say ahoy!

There is a song about growing old and the best yet to be

I hope this is an anthem that is verified for me and Amy,

I pray that when this life is over and we are ensconced

There is a way that we can sing again and dance a waltz.

Written by Gary Cox 02/25/ God be the glory

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