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The Call Of The Trumpet

When all of hell breaks loose all over the Earth once again

When everywhere you look, there is only violence and sin,

Will you then be found to be among the few and faithful?

Will your heart remain true and will you be found grateful?

If the skies in the East part with brilliance in the morning

Will you hear the trumpet call or will you thus be ignoring?

When the Lord comes to call His bride, will you be among it?

Over the despair and the depravity, will you hear the trumpet?

Are you even aware of the season, are you aware of the decree?

This generation shall not pass that sees the bloom of the fig tree,

Do your possessions and your carnal obsessions now distract you?

When they are all taken over by the beast, what then shall you do?

You can ignore my questions and scoff at my poem’s introspections

I am not responsible for your destination or the Lord’s inspection,

Will your name be found in the Lamb’s Book, are you spiritually fit?

As for me and my house, we look to Jesus and listen for the trumpet!

Written by Gary Cox 6/2/2019

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