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The Bell Is Ringing

Some will be taken while many others are left behind

Before we as a whole and in the part change our minds,

It will take the fullest measure and the unbridled wrath

Before many souls living today will walk the narrow path.

It will take the unveiling and revealing of the final beast

Before the richest bankers pay any attention to the least,

It will take the decent of the two witnesses of Revelation

Before many living now will believe in the great tribulation.

When the fallen ones are in the forefront and again ruling

Will you see that it is yourself that you have been fooling?

I do not know the exact date or the hour of world war three

But it is with a great amount of certainty I make this decree.

Whatever survives, the Earth will be different than before

I doubt that there will be enough alive for a world war four,

Have you read the words of the Messiah that the Father sent?

Are you living as your flesh likes or have you chosen to repent?

What hour and minute do you believe it is now on the clock?

Do you take up your cross daily and are you part of the flock?

When the twinkling of an eye happens and all is then settled

Will you be in a Goshen of hope and with joy safely sheltered?

Choose you this day whom it is that you will faithfully serve

You will be graded by your real answers and not on the curve,

The initial time of testing is nearly over, do you hear the bell?

If your name is written in the book of life, then all shall be well!

Written by Gary Cox 9/2/2019

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