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There was a splashapalooza party today at the local park

Frivolities, fun and festive food, shall we quickly embark?

The sun was high and to myself I said, I am a blessed man

The summer had arrived, my chair in the shade rather than.

There was buses and out them poured a cavalcade of smiles

The water was flowing and the teens were grinning for miles,

The wee ones were enjoying freezing pops and made a mess

I vicariously watched Bella playing and enjoying her success.

There were moms and dads who asked me about the details

I shared my poetry, my witticisms and all that literacy entails,

I was made a bracelet, given a dissertation as to the meaning

Although I was the oldest one there, this was nicely seeming.

Time passed with many games, including a tossing of balloons

Many of the males tried to impress females acting as buffoons,

Such must be the anthropology of the human condition today

Perhaps socialization can be more genteel and refined someday?

It was time to say goodbye and let someone named Wendy cook

This was a most pleasant chapter in the life of my Missouri book,

Amy Elizabeth will take her turn in July when this event returns

Bella will count down the days as a young child for dessert yearns.

Written by Gary Cox 06/17/ God be the glory

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